KMD_INTERNAL_ERROR: kmd_pic_connect_failure_cb: Failed to connect PIC

Kernel Management Daemon (KMD) Internal Error during an interface connection failure.

Example of the kmd.core that was generated

The systems listed above are due to a kernel management daemon failing to connect to the service PIC. The KMD could not request the serivce PIC to send an sa (security-associations) state. This impacted the service PIC causing all related interfaces under that service PIC to bounce.

This issue was caused by configuring KMD traceoptions with the level set to warning. The results were the KMD coring during the rekey procedure.

Perform these steps:

  1. Review the following logs for KMD internal errors
    show log messages
    show log chassisd
  2. If the failure messages continue and no root cause is found open a case with your technical support representative to investigate the issue further.

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