How to find TCAM utilization by firewall filter terms on QFX3500 Switch

This article is intended to explain the procedure to find the number of TCAM entries by firewall filter terms used on the QFX3500 Switch.

How do I find the number of TCAM entries used by filter terms?

In QFX3500 switches, the user can find the number of TCAM entries used by terms used in firewall filter applied to interfaces or VLAN.


1. Access the shell prompt of the switch using:

2. Login to PFE manager of the switch using:

3. Display number of filters created in the switch with their index numbers:

4. Check number of entries on TCAM used by filter terms:

5. Display TCAM statistics:

NOTE: The command “show filter hw 1 show_term_info” will be introduced in 11.3 and all later software releases.

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