This article describes the following syslog message:

The class-of-service process (COSD) uses GENCFG to read/write data from the kernel. If the write fails, the kernel returns an error.

The reason for the failure is given after the message, as in the following log example:

In the log example above, the logical interface index number 74 (IFL 74) failed to write the classifier data because the data was already there (File exists).

Various conditions can cause COSD to try to make an update twice when the update needs to be made only once.

This message is generated when the following two conditions are met during a configuration commit:

  • VPLS is configured on a GE interface.
  • Class-of-service classifier, or rewrite rule that contains IEEE 802.1P, is used on the interface.

Another condition known to cause similar log messages is when a routing instance is configured with vrf-table-label.

Similar messages are also reported during router bootup or Routing Engine switchover, even for IFLs that do not exist or have no CoS configuration (rather than because any update was made twice).

This condition is harmless and causes no service impact to the router.

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