Junos Pulse fails to connect to a non-broadcast SSID

At installation, Junos Pulse is unable to export the wireless 802.1x profile to Windows for a non-broadcast Service Set Identifier (SSID).

When configuring Junos Pulse for an 802.1x wireless connection involving a non-broadcast SSID, Pulse will fail to export the settings to a Windows connection profile.

To get Junos Pulse to connect to a non-broadcast SSID upon installation, the SSID must first be deployed to the client end points.

Example: An SSID is to be used for wireless 802.1x, the SSID is Test and the AP is configured for WPA2\AES. To have Pulse connect to this SSID, and create a Windows connection profile, complete the following procedure:

  • Configure the Pulse connection and component set on the IC\SA.
  • Pre-configure the Test SSID on the Windows endpoint configured for WPA2\AES.
  • Install Pulse by connecting to the IC\SA or via configuration files.
  • After installation, Pulse will modify the existing Windows connection profile for Test and add the 802.1x parameters.

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