Vlan configuration on Juniper Mx104

Create vlans over and existing interface running family inet, and that needs to be adapted with family bridge to support bridging (vlans)

When just having the option of using a single interface with the other end terminating not only on family inet, but also having to configure family bridge we can face the error messages since they are mumutually exclusive families per interface.

Create and interface that supports family inet and family bridge at the same time we will receive this error message
[edit interfaces xe-x/x/x unit x family] ‘bridge’
family bridge and rest of the families are mutually exclusive
error: configuration check-out failed: (statements constraint check failed)

Logically separating the units below there is configuration example.

configuration example
1. Set the respective encapsulation for the interfaces IFD
set interfaces xe-x/x/x unit x
encapsulation flexible-ethernet-services;
2. Configuration for the IFL (units)

3. Create the bridge domain and do reference to the IFL and bridge domains.

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