The source code for the Periodic Package Management Process (ppmd) includes internal self-consistency checks. As the ppmd process with the indicated Process ID (PID) executed the binary compiled from the indicated source file, a check failed at the indicated line number in the file. The ppmd process created a diagnostic core file for analysis by technical support personnel and continued to run.

The Periodic Packet Management Daemon (ppmd) handles the generation and processing protocol hello packets and monitors and manages router adjacencies. The goal of ppmd is to permit scaling to large numbers of protocol peers by offloading the mundane processing tasks associated with periodic packet generation.

The ppmd process can run directly in the PFE to offload RE cycles on application-specific integrated circuit ASIC-based systems. The ppmd process is enabled on the PFE by default in Junos Software Release 9.4 and later.

A message similar to the following is reported:

The PPMD_ASSERT_SOFT error can be caused when the soft assertion failed in the source file and the ppmd with PID continued running. The ppmd asserted but continued to run. An internal software failure occurred.

Examine the messages before and after the PPMD_ASSERT_SOFT message in the system (show log system) and chassisd (show log chassisd) logs for information about a possible cause.

Contact your technical support representative for more troubleshooting.

If a diagnostic core file (show system core-dumps) has been generated because of the PPMD_ASSERT_SOFT error message, this will be needed for analysis.

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