The WEB_MGD_LISTEN_ERROR message is reported into the system message file when the Web management process (httpd) could not open the MGD listening socket. This article documents an approach to troubleshoot this problem.

The web management process runs on M/MX/T series routers when the J-Web graphical user interface is installed and enabled. J-Web runs automatically on J-Series and SRX routers and EX-series switches.

The WEB_MGD_LISTEN_ERROR message is logged each time the httpd process is not able to open the MGD listening socket.

When the httpd process is unable to open the MGD listening socket, the system will create a syslog entry similar to the following example:

The message includes the error-message that occurred.

The cause of the message could be an internal issue with the web management process or could be due to another event on the router.

Examine the following output to help determine the cause of this message:

Look for any related events that occurred at or just before the WEB_MGD_LISTEN_ERROR message.

Perform these steps:

  1. If the messages are due to a hardware failure, open a technical support case with a technical support representative to resolve the hardware failure.
  2. Try restarting the httpd process with the command: restart web-management. This command is not traffic impacting. For more information on restarting a process, refer to Restart a Junos Software Process.
  3. If the messages return after restarting, open a case with JTAC.

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