VRRP Advertisement sent/received counters

This article describes the issue of the VRRP PDU interface’s statistics advertisement not always correctly populating the count.

The VRRP PDU statistics, which displays the interface’s advertisement for sent and/or received, is displaying the count as 0 or in certain cases, it will display a negative count.

This issue is due to a software bug or in certain cases, the sent or received advertisement is displaying the value as 0 due to the VRRP hanging.

In this instance, on the MX80 device, there are no sent or received Advertisements. This is a known issue on all MX80 series routers.

In this instance, VRRP was set up on the 1 and 2 MX routers. Router 2 was a failover router that does not populate the received advertisements. The switch, which is sending the advertisement, verified that router 2 was suppose to be receiving these advertisements. Restarting VRRP via the restart vrrp command resolved the issue.

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