How to safely free up disk space

This article provides information on how to safely free up disk space on the MX80 platform.

During a Junos upgrade on the MX80 platform, the following warning message may be generated:

By checking the file system, you might notice that the /var file system lacks free space:

There is only 445M free space on the /var file system.

You can use the following CLI command to clean up the hard disk:

By using the dry-run statement, Junos will list (but not delete) all the large files on the hard disk:
You can find many large files, especially under the /var/sw/pkg folder. During the Junos upgrade, the system will place a backup copy of the installation package under the /var/sw/pkg folder:
Usually, this will not be a issue, when the system storage has enough space. But, for the MX80 platform, the /var file system has only about 3GB of total space. When there are a lot of backup installation packages, the free space will be relatively low. As these are only backup package files, you can delete these files to free up more disk space:
Now you will have enough free disk space:

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