RAID type of XRE200

How the XRE200 supports RAID 1 mirroringĀ 

Sometimes an RFI/RFP requests an official document or a proof for the RAID type of XRE200. Unlike QFabric Director, there is no boot menu to show the RAID setup. There is also no official document which explicitly says XRE200 supports RAID 1.

Because the XRE200 has a single chip RAID processor, Sil5723 from Silicon Image, XRE200 does not have a separate configuration menu which other RAID cards have.

Although the Sil5723 processor supports JBOD and RAID 0 and 1, XRE200 only supports RAID 1.

According to Silicon Image website –, RAID 0 striping is called “FAST” mode and RAID 1 mirroring is called “SAFE” mode.

In Junos OS 12.1, a new command was introduced to verify HDD status:

* From the output of the command, “RAID policy: SAFE” means RAID 1 mirroring.

Please refer to the following link for the detail of this command:
request chassis routing-engine hard-disk-test

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