The local policy decision function process (lpdfd) failed to open the profile database.

The problem related to this syslog message is described in the following sections:

The LPDFD_DYN_PDB_OPEN_FAILED message is logged each time the local policy decision function process (lpdfd) is unable to open the profile database (PDB).

The error message will look similar to this:

This message by itself does not represent a serious issue. The message can be caused when the lpdfd process is attempting to read a dynamic profile database in a system that does not contain one. This issue has been fixed in most builds, so it should be rare to encounter it.

The message can also be caused when other problems exist in the Routing Engine. For example, issues that crash the Routing Engine or cause other processes to crash will often also cause lpdfd to log this error. In such cases, this message is a symptom and does not contain any clues to the cause. Other conditions and messages in the logs should be looked to for an explanation of what caused this message to be logged.

If you see this message, pay close attention to what else is happening on the Routing Engine. If there are no other symptoms and no suspicious log messages other than this message, then it can safely be ignored. If the logs are being filled up with these messages, and you are not running DHCP services on the router, then it is safe to disable the lpdfd process (using the command set system processes local-policy-decision-function disable).

Verify that no other issues exist on the Routing Engine. If not, then the message can be ignored, or the lpdfd process can be disabled to prevent the messages from being logged.

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