The Juniper Services Redundancy Protocol process (JSRPD) detected an event that caused the state of the chassis cluster redundancy group to change due to the reason indicated in the log.

When a JSRPD_RG_STATE_CHANGE event occurs, a message similar to one of the following is reported:

The cause may be due to many reasons, from a link flap to misconfiguration. It will require log examination and analysis of the current environment to determine root cause.

Examine the following output to help determine the cause of this message:

Look for any related events that occurred at or just before the JSRPD_RG_STATE_CHANGE message in the syslog output.

Perform these steps:

1. During a maintenance window, as it will impact transit traffic, try the following:

  • Do a shut/no-shut on each of the revenue hardware interfaces.
  • Reboot of each of the nodes individually.

2. If the log messages continue, open a case with your technical support representative to investigate the issue further.

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