Generate a process application core-dump for debugging purposes

On a UNIX platform (Like Juniper devices) if a process is hung or having issues it is possible to force the application to write the memory image; known as a core dump. This core dump can then later be analyzed by Juniper Technical Assistance Center (JTAC) to determine a possible root cause of the hang or a possible bug or software issue

A process application (like pfed, chassisd, l2ald, etc) might hung, not response or have issues
1. Get in to shell (you need root access):

2. Locate the process ID, known as PID, which needs to generate a core dump
# ps ax | grep <process-name> | grep -v grep
The PID number will be the first number listed in the output

3. Create the core-dump using the following command:

4. Verify that core-dump was properly generated


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