Factors that could stop profiles from installing on iOS devices

This article provides information about the factors that could stop the profile from being installed on an iOS device.

Troubleshoot iOS profiles installation based issues on iOS devices.

  • Invalid APNS certificate.
  • Inappropriate MDM certificate CA.
  • Device does not have an appropriate network connection.
  • More time is needed for the notification to arrive on the device.
  • Gateway certificate set up error – Nginx or Zeus?

1. Test if the APNS certificate is valid. First logon to the MSG and go to the Enterprise where you are trying to register the iOS device. Ensure that the Topic field lists the certificate as valid.

2. If the certificate is a .cer, convert it to .pem. Combine the key and .pem into a p12. For more information on how to compare certificates for APNs to install for iOS on the MSG, refer to the following link:


3. The device may have only a Wi-Fi or non 3G network connection. Check the device to determine if the connectivity and network is strong enough to obtain a signal. A good test would be to surf the internet on the handheld device.

4. At timers, there might be a delay in sending a command to the device. This all depends on the device’s network.

5. The certificate set up on the (Nginx or Zeus) server may not be correctly configured. You need to contact your System Administrator for further assistance.

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