The Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) services process (dhcp-service) could not set the indicated socket option.

The DH_SVC_SETSOCKOPT_FAILURE message is logged each time the DHCP services process is not able to set a particular socket option.

When a socket option cannot be set by the dhcp-service process, it logs the action into the syslog. Below are some examples of the how the message can appear in the syslog:

The cause for such a notification may be due to a socket connection problem or with the DHCP services process.

Using the CLI command show log messages, see if there are any events or error messages listed that may have caused this issue with the DHCP connection.
There may be messages with DHCP, socket, or alarm text posted in the output.
A jdhcpd trace log can also be obtained to examine the actions of the DHCP services process that preceded the failure message. This can be done by setting up traceoptions as documented at Tracing Extended DHCP Operations.

To resolve this issue, first try to restart the dhcp-service process (dhcp-service).
This will affect other DHCP socket connections already in progress, and so is best done during a maintenance window.

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