How to delete the DHCP session that is stuck in terminating/terminated (Zombie interface)

This article provides information on how to delete a DHCP session that is stuck in terminating/terminated (Zombie interface).


  • ‘Zombie interface’ is not an official term and each symptom is different.
  • It is used to indicate that something has caused the DHCP session to be stuck in terminating/terminated, and it has not gone away.
  • To delete the Zombie interface that has not been released.


Zombie interface – type 1:

Zombie interface – type 2:

Zombie interface – type 3:

To delete a zombie interface, perform the following procedure:

1. The committing sequence is very important. If the order is changed, for example 1, 3, 2…, the Jdhcpd core-dump file is created. After that, it cannot be deleted:

Use this command at least 3 times. If it does not go away, proceed with the next command.

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