Configuring VLANs for EX Series Switches

We are going to explain how to create VLAN’s for EX Series switches, VLANs limit the traffic flowing across the entire LAN and reduce collisions and packet retransmissions.

Reduce the broadcast traffic in a LAN segment to increase stability and network performance. Separate traffic based on users needs.

Uniquely identify the VLAN. You do this by assigning a name and an ID to the VLAN.
Assign at least one switch port interface to the VLAN for communication. After assigning one or more interfaces to the VLAN, the interfaces function in access mode. All interfaces in a single VLAN are in a single broadcast domain, even if the interfaces are on different switches. You can assign traffic on any switch to a particular VLAN by referencing either the interface sending traffic or the MAC addresses of devices sending traffic.

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