Configuration Example – Virtual Routers

This article provides information about the use of Virtual Routers in SRX series platforms, including a sample scenario and configuration example.

You are asked to separate several remote branch locations by attaching them to separate SRX devices. You have only one SRX device and must accomplish this objective virtually.

Configuration Example - Virtual Routers

In Junos Software, a Virtual Router is a type of routing instance (a collection of routing tables, interfaces, and routing option settings). For more information about the Virtual Router, see Configuring Virtual Routers.

To establish a Virtual Router, do the following:

  1. Create a Virtual Router.
  2. Assign an interface to the Virtual Router (if not inet.0).
  3. Assign an interface to a zone.
  4. Import routes between Virtual Routers.

CLI Configuration

The example below shows how to configure the CLI using routing instances of type virtual-router on SRX devices:


The example below shows how to verify the CLI configuration:


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