Clock Synchronization priority hierarchy

This article explains the hierarchy of the priority level configured for clock synchronization.

MX5-T, MX10-T, MX40-T, MX80, MX80-T, MX240, MX480, and MX960 routers support external clock synchronization using Synchronous Ethernet.

Configuring external clock synchronization requires making clock selection, quality level (QL), and priority considerations. The clock selection algorithm is used to pick the two best clock sources, primary and secondary.

During clock selection:

  • The active source with the highest QL is selected.
  • If QL is the same for two or more sources, the source with highest priority wins.

Setting synchronization source priority

To set the synchronization source priority, use the command below:

Here, priority 1 is the highest priority and priority 5 is the lowest priority.

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