Network Security FAQ: Firewalls

Network Security FAQ: Firewalls

Q1. List three types of firewalls.

Answer: Three firewall types include hardware, software, and personal.

Q2. A TCP SYN flood attack is a form of DoS attack, which randomly opens up a number of TCP ports. True or False?

Answer: True.

Q3. List the three types of inspection methodologies.

Answer: Three types of inspection methodologies are packet filtering and stateless filtering, stateful filtering, and deep packet layer inspection.

Q4. A stateless firewall can also inspect data content and check for protocol anomalies. True or False?

Answer: False.

Q5. What are the two main interfaces of a PIX Firewall?

Answer: The two main interfaces of a PIX Firewall are the inside interface and the outside interface.

Q6. The PIX Firewall uses a proprietary algorithm. Which one?

Answer: The PIX Firewall uses the Adaptive Security Algorithm (ASA) proprietary algorithm. ASA is the decision-making part of the PIX.

Q7. Which of the following PIX interface security levels is valid?
a. Inside 0, Outside 100, DMZ 199
b. Inside 100, Outside 0, DMZ 199
c. Inside 100, Outside 0, DMZ 0
d. Inside 0, Outside 1-99, DMZ 100

Answer: b. The valid PIX interface security level is Inside 100, Outside 0, DMZ 199.

Q8. Which of the following devices are stateless?
a. PIX
b. NetScreen
c. Check Point
d. Router with ACLs

Answer: d. The router with ACLs is stateless.

Q9. What is NAT, and when is it used?

Answer: NAT stands for Network Address Translation. NAT is typically used for internal IP networks that have unregistered (not globally unique) IP addresses.

Q10. Content filtering or URL filtering occurs at what layer of the OSI reference model?
a. Layer 3
b. Layer 4
c. Layer 6
d. Layer 7

Answer: d. Content filtering or URL filtering occurs at Layer 7 of the OSI reference model.

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