Introducing Nexus-OS – Its Very Very Modular

NX-OS or nexus operating system is short  for next generation,  for the modern data center at least Cisco centric data center. what’s so special about this next-generation operating system well if I were to sum it up in one word I would have to say it’s modular. It’s so modular that we can have a BGP process running as a module inside the operating system. If BGP process crashes, it won’t crash the underlying operating system and that particular process can gracefully restart and it will have all of the state information that it possessed prior to the crash. This is because of a service called the persistent storage service or PSS that is running inside the nexus operating system.
NX-OS is the unified operating system for both the LAN equipment of your data center and the SAN equipment. In olden days it used to be the iOS was running in the LAN Devices and the SAN OS running in SAN devices.

Lets log in to the nx-os. We are in a Nexus 7000 series now this is one of the switches that can do layer 3 routing and would be appropriate on the LAN side of your data center infrastructure. Notice that we have a pound (#) sign after the name of my device.

If you are familiar with the iOS you’re going to feel right at home for instance we do a configure terminal and we can access global configuration mode in fact it’s even easier than that you can just say config and you will enter global configuration mode so no.

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