CCNP TSHOOT FAQ: Advanced Services Troubleshooting

CCNP TSHOOT FAQ: Advanced Services Troubleshooting

Q1. Which of the following Cisco ANS components enhances web applications by measuring response time and managing application layer security? (Choose the best answer.)
A. Cisco Application Velocity System (AVS)
B. Cisco Global Site Selector (GSS)
C. Cisco Content Switching Module (CSM)
D. Cisco Application Control Engine (ACE)

Answer: A

Q2. What are the four basic processes involved in optimizing an application? (Choose the four best answers.)
A. Deploy
B. Monitor
C. Expand
D. Baseline
E. Optimize

Answer: A, B, D, and E

Q3. Which of the following is a common NetFlow troubleshooting issue? (Choose the best answer.)
A. A virtual interface has not been configured.

B. The interface configured for NetFlow has an incorrect bandwidth command configured.

C. The NetFlow collector is on the same subnet as the router configured for NetFlow.

D. The configuration of the NetFlow collector is incorrect.

Answer: D

Q4. What is IP SLA’s default frequency for sending probes?
A. 30 seconds
B. 60 seconds
C. 90 seconds
D. 120 seconds

Answer: B

Q5. In what configuration mode is the ip nbar protocol-discovery command issued?
A. Global configuration mode
B. Policy-map-class configuration mode
C. Interface configuration mode
D. Router configuration mode

Answer: C

Q6. Which three of the following steps should be performed prior to configuring AutoQoS on a router interface? (Select the three best answers.)
A. Configure an IP address on the interface.
B. Enable Cisco Express Forwarding on the router.
C. Configure the bandwidth command on the interface.
D. Enable RSVP on the interface.

Answer: A, B, and C

Q7. What wireless network mode of operation is characterized by having the functions of a traditional wireless access point divided between a lightweight access point and a wireless LAN controller?
A. Autonomous
B. Split horizon
C. Split-MAC
D. Split tunneling

Answer: C

Q8. Which two ports does LWAPP traffic use? (Choose the two best answers.)
A. TCP port 12222
B. UDP port 12222
C. TCP port 12223
D. UDP port 12223

Answer: B and D

Q9. What command can you use to display the VLANs that are permitted on the trunk ports of a switch?
A. show interfaces trunk
B. show trunk interfaces
C. show switchport trunk
D. show trunk switchport

Answer: A

Q10. What interface configuration mode command can you enter in a Cisco Catalyst switch to instruct the interface to trust incoming DHCP markings?
A. wrr-queue dscp
B. wrr-queue bandwidth dscp
C. mls qos trust dscp
D. mls qos trust-device dscp

Answer: C

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