Network Connect and wireless 3G USB adapter issues under MacOS

Network Connect and wireless 3G USB adapter issues with MacOS.

When connecting with Network Connect via a Huawei 3G USB adapter and a PPP interface on MacOS, the client is unable to complete the connection setup. An IP address is never received from the SA and setup fails with the following messages:

The issue is due to a compatibility issue with the card and MacOS. The card does not support ARP; So the Network Connect client is unable to add the routes, which are required for NC to work properly. As a result, the tunnel setup fails.

Currently, the code uses a routing socket to add routes and needs to perform ARP lookups to add routes, which have interfaces (instead of a host) as the gateway. The engineering team has exhaustively looked for a way to add these routes with a routing socket, which would avoid an ARP lookup; but it seems that the OS does not support this.

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