The Junos user interface schema file records all CLI commands and configuration statements available in the Junos software. The management process (mgd) rebuilds the schema as necessary to be compatible with the Junos software installed on the routing platform. A sequence number in the schema acts as a checksum that represents its content and format. A Junos process attempted to access the schema but determined that the schemas sequence number means that it is incompatible with the process.

The problem related to this syslog message is described in the following sections:

The UI_SCHEMA_SEQUENCE_ERROR message is logged each time the schema database cannot be verified as compatible with the current process that was checking the schema.

The error reported will look similar to the following:

The most common cause of seeing this error is that the router was upgraded using the jbundle rather than the jinstall package of the code.

In a TX-Matrix routing platform, after an upgrade, if something prevented one or more of the Routing Engines from completing the upgrade process, then you might get this error as a result.

Reloading the software or upgrading should resolve the issue if the wrong install package was used. This will also resolve the issue if the schema somehow became corrupted in the upgrade process.

For a TX-Matrix, use the following command to determine if all of the Routing Engines upgraded successfully:

Try re-loading the software or installing another build.


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