Troubleshooting an MPOA Network

Troubleshooting an MPOA Network

Troubleshooting an MPOA network is not conceptually difficult. Generically, the first step is to characterize the problem. The most likely symptom is an inability to create a shortcut. Assuming all media is intact between the source and the destination (not always a good assumption), troubleshooting consists of the following:

  1. Ensuring that all ELANs are functional between the source and destination.
  2. Determining that all MPCs and MPSs are operational.
  3. Determining that MPCs and MPSs discovered each other.
  4. Determining if the threshold is crossed at the MPC to initiate an MPOA resolution request.
  5. Ensuring that NHSs or MPSs exist along the default path at each hop to participate in resolution activities.

The following sections expand upon each of the troubleshooting activities listed in the preceding.

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