Junos Pulse: Session Extension feature

This article provides information about the Session Extension feature.

  • Session extension allows user to extend the existing session, prior to its expiration.
  • It is useful in situations, in which the tasks (file transfer, and so on) require continuous network connectivity for a long time.
  • Users receive a warning dialog box, prior to the session expiration, prompting them to extend session or proactively extend the session.

How to enable the Session extension feature in SA:

Go to SA UI > User > Roles > (select role) > General > Session Options:

Session Extension feature-1

How to find this option in Junos Pulse:

Go to File > Connections > Extend Session:

Session Extension feature-2

How does it work?

  • Maximum session length configured in SA is 60 minutes.
  • User 1 is logged in at 4:00am.
  • As per the Maximum session length, User 1’s session should expire at 5:00am.
  • Around 4:50am, User 1 extended the session by clicking Extend Session.
  • Now, the session gets extended till 5:50am (which is, 4:50am + 60min maximum session length = 5:50am).

SA user access log messages:

Pulse Debug log (Log level set to Detailed) messages:


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