Sample MPOA Configuration

Sample MPOA Configuration

This section presents a sample network to summarize the configuration for MPCs and MPSs. Figure 10-9 Sample MPOA Network illustrates the network where two MPCs interconnect through one MPS.

Figure 10-9. Sample MPOA Network

The MPCs reside inside of Catalysts equipped with MPOA-capable LANE modules. The MPS resides in a 7204 router. Each MPC has one LEC enabled. The MPS has two LECs enabled, one for each of the two ELANs. The LECS and LESs reside in the 7204 router, although it could just as easily have been configured in either of the Catalysts.

Example 10-14 shows the relevant configuration statements for Cat-A.

Example 10-14 Cat-A MPOA Configuration

Similarly, Cat-B’s configuration reflects Cat-A’s. Note that no IP address is configured on the Catalysts because the LANE module does not let you assign one. This results from the LANE module behaving like a bridge port. Example 10-15 shows Cat-B’s configuration. The MPC names differ in the two configurations (Cat-A and Cat-B), but they could be the same because the names are only locally significant.

Example 10-15 Cat-B MPOA Client Configuration

The MPS configuration of Example 10-16 resides in a router and has an IP address associated with each subinterface. Not shown in this abbreviated output, but vitally important in the configuration, is a routing protocol configuration. You must have routing enabled for the MPS/NHS to function correctly.

Example 10-16 Router MPOA Server Configuration

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