The JSR log daemon called the indicated event library function. The function failed with the indicated error.

The RTLOGD_EVLIB_FAILURE message is logged each time the log daemon fails a function call to the event library.

When an RTLOGD_EVLIB_FAILURE, a message similar to the following is reported:

The cause for such a notification is a software failure in the event library. Since this is a JSR daemon, it means that this will only apply to J and SRX series devices.

Examine the following output to help determine the cause of this message:

Look for any related events that occurred at or just before the RTLOGD_EVLIB_FAILURE message. For example, a trigger event may be a component restarted, or a memory error occured.

Perform these steps:

  1. Try restarting the rtlogd process. Since this only deals with logging, it will not affect transit traffic. For more information on restarting a process, refer to Restart a Junos Software Process.

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