Juniper: What to look for when there is VRRP master change issue

This article describes the issue of the Virtual Router Redundancy Protocol (VRRP) backup changing to the master role, without any operation. Also, at this time, both devices running VRRP will become master.

In certain cases, as per VRRP traceoptions, it is seen that VRRP backup changes to the master role as it receives the PPMP_PACKET_ADJ_DOWN received message:

To understand the cause of this issue, please collect the following logs:

  1. Enable VRRP traceoptions:
  2. Enable PPM traceoptions. As this is a hidden command, make sure to type the complete commands:
  3. Add event-options to obtain the information when the backup became the master:

If the issue occurs again, collect the output of request support information and all of the files under /var/log from both of the VRRP systems for further analysis.

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