Junos Pulse commands (SMS) are not delivered to Mexican mobile devices that have ‘Telcel’ as their service provider

The Junos Pulse commands (SMS) from the Mobile Security Gateway (MSG) are not delivered to devices that have Telcel as their service provider.

  • Clickatell (SMS aggregator used for MSG) considers Telcel as an unreliable service provider, as it is known to block messages, after implementing filters.
  • So, Clickatell was forced to remove coverage for this operator.
  • As a result, Junos Pulse commands (SMS) do not reach mobile devices that have Telcel as their service provider.


  • Telcel numbers that are ported to other providers will also face the same issue, as Clickatell performs a Prefix Lookup.
  • To view the list of providers that are covered by Clickatell, refer to the following link:

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