Enabling the traffic statistics for Next Hop id on Trio

How to enable the traffic statistics for the Next Hop ID on Trio.

By default, on the Trinity platform, only MPLS related traffic statistics are maintained and the rest of the protocols statistics are not maintained. This is as per design. If statistics are enabled for every protocols, more counters are required to store the statistics and consequently more memory. So, by default, statistics are disable on all Next Hops, except MPLS, to save memory.

Case 1 – Statistics for MPLS Next Hops (enabled by default):
The trace from CE1 to CE2 picks a label value on the transit hop:

The 299792 label value for route lookup on the transit node (MX240-4):

Checking the statistics on the PFE:

Statistics after sending the 10 ping packets from CE1 to CE2:

The packet count incremented by 15; the additional 5 packets are from the underlying protocol that is running over MPLS.
Case 2 – Statistics for IPv4 Next Hop (needs to explicitly enabled):
A loopback IP address is assigned to P2:

By default, the output on the PFE does not display the statistics for the NHID:

After the statistics for IPv4 traffic is enabled, the packets increment:

Disabling the hw counter for IP traffic statistics collection:


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