How to check the Registered SNMP MIB Objects on the device

All the MIB objects are registered with the snmpd process running on the device, whenever a SNMP agent comes online.

The snmpd process is responsible for maintaining a mapping of the objects and the agent with which the objects are associated.

The goal is to check the registered MIBs with the snmpd process for CPU utilization, Memory usage, and so on.

To check the MIB objects that are registered with SNMPD, run the command below:

This command will create a file with the name snmp_reg_objs on the device. This file will contain the information with the registered SNMPD MIBs, which can be viewed by running the command below:

The /var/log/snmp_reg_objs file contains only those objects that are associated with Junos OS processes that are up and running and that are registered with snmpd when the show snmp registered-objects command is running. If a MIB object related to a Junos OS process that is up and running is not shown in the list of registered objects, you should restart the software process to retry object registration with SNMPD.

To view the registered MIB Objects, run the command below:

To check for specific MIBs, modify the command as follows:

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