Can Junos Pulse on the desktop utilize PassLogic Authentication?

iOS and Android Pulse clients are able to complete login to realms protected with PassLogic. Junos Pulse users fail to complete login from desktop machines, and see this error message:
Connection Error: Unable to communicate with the server. (Error:1110)

PassLogic is a one-time password authentication multi-device Web application UI and can be used as external auth by the Junos Pulse Secure Access Gateway. Users connecting from Junos Pulse on iOS or Android-based system are able to complete the login successfully; however, it is observed that Junos Pulse fails to connect successfully when tested from a desktop machine:
Connection Error: Unable to communicate with the server. (Error:1110)

As part of the PassLogic authentication process, when user accesses IVE, then user is redirected to a different IDP, and after authenticated, user is redirected back to IVE (SSO). This redirection is done by HTTP redirect.

The Junos Pulse for Desktop client does not contain a web browser interface and is unable to follow HTTP redirects.
IVE OS 8.0 and Pulse 5.0 introduce support for SAML-based authentication by redirecting users to a browser for login.

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