Call of Duty Mobile loading screen bug getting fixed: Players can now log in on more phones

Call of Duty Mobile Bug

After making us wait for months, Activision finally released Call of Duty Mobile for the public yesterday. The game is now available to download on both Android and iOS devices under the stable guise. On paper, Call of Duty Mobile promises the same experience it has been delivering for years on the PC. However, after its release yesterday, many players reported issues related to logging in on the game with their accounts. The issues are now reported to be fixed.


  • Players were unable to log in to Call of Duty mobile after its launch.
  • The developers have now fixed the big and players should now be able to login.
  • The latest update has removed support for controllers.

After the game’s global release on both Android and iOS platforms, many players were unable to log-in to the game after downloading it. After being reported on Twitter, Activision gave out a statement on its social media feed stating high traffic behind the loading issue that players were facing.

“Update, Call of Duty Mobile. We’re experiencing an incredibly high-volume of traffic currently. We’re working to resolve as quickly as possible. Thank you for your patience,” said one of the posts. However, within a few hours, the team fixed the issue and many players were able to log in to the game again. We at India Today tech tried logging with a few different accounts and all of the players could access as well as play the game.

However, the update that the developers rolled out has reportedly bricked support for external controllers. Hence, if you use a controller on your phone to play games, Call of Duty Mobile won’t support it for the moment and you will have to use the on-screen controls until a fix is issued.

If you can live with these issues, for now, Call of Duty Mobile is otherwise a fresh take on the online shooting game space. The game brings some of the iconic gameplay modes, characters, weapons and maps from the PC versions of the past Call of Duty games. However, in keeping up with the trend of offering a battle royale mode, Call of Duty Mobile also has a battle royale mode that’s quite similar to PUBG MOBILE’s classic matches.

While it was in beta a few months ago, we found Call of Duty Mobile to be extremely fun and challenging. The game’s focus on being a hardcore first-person shooter makes it suited for serious players who have been bored with PUBG MOBILE. The weapon dynamics are great and the enhanced graphics also add-in to the overall experience.

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