How do Wi-Fi tablets (devices) connect to MSS for registration

This article describes the issue of the Samsung Galaxy tablet registration failure.

  • A user attempts to register a Samsung Galaxy Tablet with Wi-Fi ‘only’ capability.
  • The system (MSG) returns a Registration failed, Handset Identifier Required: Error 211 message.
  • This is a Computer Associates/TotalDefense issue. The original design of the CA backend was based on the premise that a device would have a phone number.
  • These devices do not have a phone number. The MAC address is used to create a DID number for registration.

In this particular scenario, the user was attempting to register a Tablet in the CA environment. The CA back end does not support a device without a phone number (MSISDN).

As you can see in the following MSG log excerpt, the 90000 – Required Fileds Missing error is returned from CA end and points to the Error code 211 from the MSG.

The issue is addressed and resolved in the MSG3.0R3 release.


  • Samsung Galaxy Tablet 10.1 (Model GT-P7510) Running Android version 3.1 with Kernel
  • CA (Computer Associates) Environment

How Tablets Connect:

  • A Galaxy Tablet’s does not have MSISDN, IMEI or IMSI numbers.
  • They instead utilize the Wi-Fi MAC address of the device.
  • The MSG takes this Wi-Fi MAC address, Hashes the address, and then submits this number as the devices DID number.
  • The tablet, with this DID number, has the ability to register using it’s Wi-Fi connection in a standard or hosted MSG topology configuration.

Troubleshooting Tips for Tablets:
The following procedure can be used to troubleshoot this issue:
Note: It is assumed that you have the correct e-mail address of the user attempting to register and the serial number of the device. In this scenario, you will not have a phone number.
1.The customer provided the following Android logs:

The above log excerpt identifies that the user’s attempts to register has failed. This GTalk service is the Google talk service. It is not the MSG login, but provides a hint on what could be happening. This might be a user/connection issue.

2.Verify if the Wi-Fi is enabled. Try to connect via a hotspot, reboot the device, and prior to attempting to connect, verify if the Wi-Fi is enabled. Additionally, connect to the dashboard and login to verify if the Wi-Fi worked properly.
Note: These steps did not resolve the issue, but it might in any other Non-CA environment.

3.Get the logs from the MSG for the required dates and perform a search on the user to verify if the user was able to successfully logon. Now perform a search for any error 211 messages.
The search commands are as follows:
For the user:

As indicated above, [caValidate] 90000 – RequiredFieldsMissing denotes that the caValidate field represented a unsupported device. As the tablet did not have a phone number format, the Registration failed, Handset Identifier Required: Error 211 error was returned.

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