When VRRP option “no-preempt” is added and commit, the device becomes “backup”

By default with VRRP in Junos, a device with higher priority takes “preemption” and becomes master. When preemption is not preferred, an option “no-preempt” could be added into the configuration. This article describes the VRRP state change when this option is added and committed.

After adding the “no-preempt” option and committing, the device`s VRRP state becomes Backup.
Is this expected?

# Before adding “no-premept”

# Adding “no-preempt” on SRX210-A

# After commit

This is expected behavior per current design.

Currently, there is no plan to change this behavior.

However, after configured, the no-preempt option does work as-expected:
When no-preempt is configured, the backup router cannot preempt the master router even if the backup router has a higher priority.

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