How to upgrade VDSL PIC firmware

This article provides a step-by-step procedure for upgrading the VDSL firmware via the CLI.

Perform the following steps to upgrade the firmware:

Step 1: Check the current firmware version of VDSL PIC.

If the firware suite is present proceed to Step 5. The firmware suite is usually packaged within a Junos image, example 2.15 firmware version is packaged along with 11.4R8.

Step 2: Mount or copy the firmware package to your device.

If the file has been obtained from JTAC then you may use FTP, SCP to load the firmware file to the device. You may save the file in /var/tmp directory.

Step 3 : Once the firmware package is accessible on the router, run the following command to install the firmware package on the device and make it available for upgrading:

Step 4 : Check if the firmware package is listed on “show version”.

Step 5 : Verify the slot in which the VDSL PIM is present using “show chassis hardware”.

Step 6 : Initiate the firmware upgrade:

Step 7 : Check the status using: “show system firmware” command.
Step 8 : Restart the FPC slot where the VDSL PIM is present to make the upgraded firmware effective.
Step 9 : Firmware upgrade is complete. Check the status.

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