Unable to find the file system superblock after booting up

This article describes the issue of the Cannot find file system superblock error message being generated, after the device boots up.

The following error message is generated, when the device boots up:

You may be able to re-add the HDD to the boot list by perform the following procedure:

1. Start the shell:

2. To view the current boot list, use the following command:

3. To re-build the boot list to its normal/proper structure, use the following command:

4. To check if hard drive (disk) has been re-added to the boot list, use the following command:

If the disk (HDD) has been successfully re-added to the boot list, then reboot the router and make sure that the HDD (ad1) is in use.

Note: When the boot list is restored to its proper order, you have to reboot the system. If the device is removed again (that is not visible in the output of ‘show system storage’ or ‘df -k’ ), a RMA has to be created for the RE.

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