SRX 5000 Series routing engine 1 upgrade procedure

SRX 5000 Series routing engine 1 upgrade procedure

On SRX systems, the routing engine (RE) at slot 1 (0 based) RE1 is needed for dual control link redundancy and runs in single user mode. The normal upgrade process is not applicable to it and mostly not needed. However, there may be instances when the RE at slot 1 (called RE1 hereafter) needs to be upgraded. This article provides a procedure to do so.

When the RE1 runs on Junos OS version 12.1X47 or later, the second control link em1 will not come online. This breaks the control link redundancy.

A step by step procedure is provided in order to upgrade/downgrade the RE1 software to 12.1X44-D45, should this be required.

1. Verify the software version on RE1. Connect a console cable in the RE1 console and press Enter. Use the command uname -r to identify the software version (12.1X47-D17 in this example).

2. Download the install-media image:
The integrity checksums are available as well:
3. Transfer the image to a Junos device with enough available storage (approx 450 MB needed for the install media image above). This can be done on any Unix/Linux system.

4. Plug in a USB stick on the machine where the install-media has been copied and copy the install media on the USB stick.

  1. Use dmesg command to verify that the USB stick has been recognized by the system:
  2. Erase the initial sectors of the USB stick:
  3. Copy the install-media image to the USB stick:

5. Upgrade the RE1 software.

  1. Connect a console cable in the RE1 console and press [Enter] (if not already done in step 1).
  2. Insert the USB created in step 4 into the RE1 USB slot and reboot the RE1. The RE1 will boot from the USB and will ask you to install the image from USB:
  3. Remove the USB from the RE1 USB slot and verify that the new software is installed on RE1:

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