SNMP DOM traps are generated when XFP/10GbE interface is “admin down”

XFP/10GbE interfaces that are administratively down generate SNMP Digital Optical Monitoring (DOM) traps (JUNIPER-DOM-MIB) for low power alarm if the fiber is pulled out from the interface or the adjacent router interface is down.

SNMP DOM Traps from disabled interfaces can be ignored.

How To Reproduce

1. Configure the router to send traps (all traps) to an SNMP server.
2. Connect a fiber cable into an interface with the laser on.
3. Put the interface in disable:

4. Confirm the “Laser rx power” levels is showing good:

5. Disconnect the fiber from the interface or

6. on the adjacent interface.

Connect the fiber into the interface or

on the adjacent interface.
After steps 5 and 6, you will see the SNMP DOM traps being generated towards the SNMP server.

DOM = Digital Optical Monitoring

##### Test log ####

Step 1. Sample configuration on the DUT.

Step 2.

Step 3.

Step 5.

Step 6.

This is not a bug. The system is working as designed.

It makes no sense for an interface to send traps out when it is disabled, so SNMP DOM Traps from disabled interfaces can be ignored.

SNMP DOM Traps are seen from disabled 10GbE/XFP interfaces (with DPC/MPC), but they are not seen from disabled GbE/SFP or 10GbE/SFP+ interfaces.

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