The source code for the routing protocol daemon (rpd) includes internal self-consistency checks. A check failed at the indicated line number in the indicated source file, causing the instance of rpd that is identified by the process ID (PID) to terminate. When the check fails the rpd process will create a diagnostic core dump for analysis by technical support personnel.

A core file will be generated after the routing protocol daemon (rpd) fails a self-consistency check. The rpd will terminate. This will cause a traffic outage for traffic in the router.

The failure of the self-consistency check by the rpd will cause a core file to be generated and the routing protocol daemon (rpd) to terminate.

Examine the messages that have been logged prior to the RPD_ASSERT message in the system log for information about possible causes. Contact a technical support representative, and be ready to provide the list of messages and the diagnostic core dump, if requested.

Log messages will have the following format:

Contact your technical support representative to investigate the issue further.

Review the output of the show system core-dumps command to identify the core file associated with the error. Match the time /date stamp in the log messages file to the time and date of the core file.


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