MX Licensing for Converting MX5 to MX10/MX40/MX80

MX licensing to upgrade/downgrade from MX5 to MX10/MX40/MX80.

Show how to upgrade/downgrade licensing from MX5 to MX10/MX40/MX80.

The concept of MX80 licensing is to let customers utilize Juniper MX router functionality, as required. This feature has been introduced from MX5 to MX80. This feature allows you to upgrade your router from MX5 to MX80 simply by installing a license file.

MX5-MX80 are distributed as follows with respect to features:

  • MX80: Fixed 4x10GE (built-in ports), 2 MIC modular and fixed slots, and Services MIC Support via the rear MIC slot.
  • MX40: Fixed 2x10GE (built-in ports), 2 MIC modular slots, and services MIC support via the rear MIC slot.
  • MX10: 1 20x1GE MIC, 1 Modular Slot, and Services MIC Support via the rear MIC slot.
  • MX05: 1 MIC Slot for 20x1GE MIC and Services MIC Support via the rear MIC slot.


To upgrade from MX05 to MX80 and utilize the full potential of Juniper, you will have to install the license. To acquire the license for these products, contact the sales teams. They will be able to get a license for you. MX5/MX10/MX40 devices support the same kind of subscriber management features as the MX80, but subscriber licenses are not included in the bundle.
Note: License restrictions have been applied after 12.2. Before this release, licensing and product utilization was honor-based.

What Licenses are installed?

License installation:

Alarm if the grace-period is about to expire:

License information that is available via MIB:

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