Local certificate generation and HTTPS Configuration

Local certificate generation and HTTPS Configuration

This article will help you with the method of generating an SSL certificate, local certificate and ‘HTTPS’ configuration.

Problem 1:

Problem 2:

Cause 1:
A local certificate – X.509 has to be generated on the router before configuring ‘https’

Cause 2:
Web Management package has to be included in the current Junos installed on the router.

Step 1:
Make sure that the currently installed Junos version has the web-management package.

Step 2:
Generate an SSL certificate on a Unix/Linux environment:

Step 3:
You will be asked to enter a few information such as your country, organization name and section and e-mail-id.

Step 4:
Once you complete this, please check whether a file is created:

Step 5 :
Display the contents of the file and make sure that you have Begin RSA private key,End RSA private key, Begin certificate and End certificate.

Step 6:
Now you could copy this file to your local router via FTP and save it in /var/tmp location

Step 7:
Then a local certificate should be generated on the router

Step 8:
To configure https:


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