Linecards of an EX9200 switch are showing in present state after removing MC-LAG configuration

This article describes the issue when trying to recover linecards after removing MC-LAG configuration that are showing in “present “ state and how to fix it.

Virtual chassis and MC-Lag cannot co-exist together on the same chassis causing the linecards go in present state throwing these errors in chassisd:

MC-LAG configuration

First make sure Linecards are supported with the current version software, the output also states either “Hardware Not Supported” or “Hardware Not In Right Slot”.

Below you will find Linecard specifications:

The Virtual chassis configuration overrides the default behavior of the chassis thus we need to be sure of correct configuration.

Removing the configuration of virtual chassis as the intent was to create MC-LAG and not virtual chassis

To remove the virtual chassis configuration from the EX9200 , the following command is used :
>request virtual-chassis member-id delete

This triggered a reboot of the box and was restored to the default standalone settings and the LC’s came online.

After removing the Virtual chassis configuration LineCards will show online.

Please note If after removing the configuration of the Virtual-Chassis, re-inserting the LineCard, rebooting the chassis and the LineCard does not come online, open a Juniper TAC case of suspecting hardware problem.

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