Junos Pulse Wireless Suppression does not work on SA

This article describes the issue of Junos Pulse Wireless Suppression not working on SA with the default configuration.

The check box has been enabled under SA > Users > Junos Pulse > Junos Pulse Connections; but it does not work or automatically suppress/disable the wireless connections.

Wireless suppression will not work with the default Junos Pulse (minimal components or just NC component installation); but with 802.1x. You must configure a Junos Pulse 802.1x connection for the 802.1x component to be downloaded to the endpoint. Subsequently, wireless-suppression will work.

The 802.1x component /software is not available with the minimal components option in the SA (SA > Junos Pulse > Components > Default) or the MSI installation with only the NC component. You should have the complete Junos Pulse software installation to obtain 802.1 x components.

Note: ‘802.1x’ is a feature of the ‘Odyssey Access Client’ and not ‘Secure Access SSL VPN’.

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