Junos Pulse installation fails on Windows PCs due to the maximum number of installed filter drivers

This article describes a possible cause and solution for a Junos Pulse installation failure on Windows PCs.

When attempting to install Junos Pulse on a Windows Vista, Windows 7, or Windows 8 client, the installation fails with the following error messages found in the Junos Pulse debuglog.log:

It is not possible for the Junos Pulse installer application to identify why Windows did not allow the installation. One common reason for the installation to fail is that the maximum number of filter drivers that is allowed by the OS has been installed. If this occurs, Junos Pulse cannot install because there are no available filter drivers for Junos Pulse to use.

It is not possible for the Junos Pulse installer to query the MaxNumFilters registry key to find the value and determine if there is space for the new filter driver, which is used by Junos Pulse. You will need to check the registry setting and increase it; for more information, refer to the following link:


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