Junos Pulse fails to connect to a non-broadcast SSID

At installation, Junos Pulse is unable to export the wireless 802.1x profile to Windows for a non-broadcast Service Set Identifier (SSID).

When configuring Junos Pulse for an 802.1x wireless connection involving a non-broadcast SSID, Pulse will fail to export the settings to a Windows connection profile.

To get Junos Pulse to connect to a non-broadcast SSID upon installation, the SSID must first be deployed to the client end points.

Example: An SSID is to be used for wireless 802.1x, the SSID is Test and the AP is configured for WPA2\AES. To have Pulse connect to this SSID, and create a Windows connection profile, complete the following procedure:

  1. Configure the Pulse connection and component set on the IC\SA.
  2. Pre-configure the Test SSID on the Windows endpoint configured for WPA2\AES.
  3. Install Pulse by connecting to the IC\SA or via configuration files.
  4. After installation, Pulse will modify the existing Windows connection profile for Test and add the 802.1x parameters.

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