IP Monitoring on SRX-Series gateways

This article provides information on how to configure IP monitoring on SRX-Series gateways.

  • IP Monitoring is supported on all high end devices.
  • IP Monitoring is supported on all branch devices running 11.2 or later.


  • This feature is used to track the coverage of a set of configured IP addresses.
  • It impacts the failover of redundancy groups based on the coverage of the IP addresses.
  • ICMP echo messages are sent at regular intervals to the configured addresses.
  • If no replies are received after a configurable interval, the IP address is marked as unreachable.


  • IP monitoring is configured on a per-redundancy group basis.
  • It can be configured either as a ‘global configuration’ (impacts all the IP addresses configured under the RG), or as a ‘per-IP configuration’ (impacts only that IP address).
  • The weight of the monitored IP’s much reach the configured global-threshold before any action is taken, and that will cause the global-weight to be subtracted from the redundancy group threshold of 255.


The following command is used to view the status of all the configured IP addresses:

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