Example – How to switch boot bank for EX8200 linecard

How to switch the boot bank for EX8200 linecard when the linecard boot fails.

Sometimes, the EX8200 linecard cannot work normally due to boot failure. The operator can try to set the boot bank of the linecard to the alternate bank; usually this will bring the failed line card back.

  1. Log into line card console by “cty -fw fpcN” where N is the linecard number.
  2. From another terminal, reboot the right fpc by “request chassis fpc slot N restart”.
  3. Stop the boot sequence and get into u-boot prompt ( => ) by continue pressing “space” when the box began booting.
  4. From the => prompt, use the following command to set next boot bank.
  5. Choose Reset to reboot the FPC to make the change available.

For example, if the line card booted from bank0 and bank1 has been upgraded once before, the following command will make the next boot from bank1.


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