The event processing process (eventd) could not create a child process for executing policies.

The problem related to this syslog message is described in the following sections:

The EVENTD_FORK_ERR message is logged each time the event process fails to create a child process to execute policies.

When an EVENTD_FORK_ERR event occurs, a message similar to the following is reported:

The cause may be due to an eventd internal table corruption, software error, or there is not sufficient system resources such as memory to initiate the child process.

Look for any related events that occurred at or just before the EVENTD_FORK_ERR message.

Perform these steps:

  1. Check the system processes output to see if there is sufficient memory available to spawn a new process.
  2. During a maintenance window, as it will impact transit traffic, try to restart the eventd process. For more information on restarting a process, refer to Restart a Junos Software Process.

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